Commercial Upholstery Services

Commercial Upholstery Services by MK Upholstery will turn your construction & design drawings into reality.

MK Upholstery continues to provide Upholstery services to commercial facilities and businesses.

These generally include. Offices, bars and cafes. Shopping centres, restaurants and shops. Aged care, medical facilities and Fitness centres, to name a few.

MK also works together with architects, designers, joiners and the clients themselves. We pay particular attention to the finer details. For this reason, we achieve professional finishes to suit your commercial environment.

MK Upholstery only uses the best upholstery products. We deliver these results with a focus on quality, detail, durability and style.

MK Upholstery can transform your old tired furniture into the present-day fashions.

Our extensive range of commercial fabrics, leathers and vinyl's from suppliers such as WarwickWortleyLaine and Instyle Fabrics are both cost-effective and durable.

We can transform all your Office Chairs and Office Furniture. Visitors Chairs and Tub Chairs. Screens and Partitions. Banquette and Booth Seating. Wall Panels, Ottomans. Barstools and other Venue Seating. Refurbishments can save you up to 50% on replacement costs. We also offer a full repair and parts replacements for all your office seating.


.: Commercial Upholstery Repairs

MK Upholstery can repair you're damaged or broken furniture. Structural repairs to steel or timber frames. General wear and tear repairs like a soft or sagging seat. Foam cushion replacement. Sewing repairs. Simple maintenance like Replacement Bases, Castors and Gas Lifts for all your Office Chairs.


.: How much will it cost?

Many factors affect this answer, and we also have budgets to consider.
In short, we cannot tell you with a phone call. It is impossible to give you an accurate estimate.
Please use our "Info Email" option.

Attach two or three photos of your furniture with your.

*Name, *Suburb, *Details or any issues you have with your furniture

The more information you can supply to MK Upholstery will help us in determining an accurate estimate.

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Commercial Upholstery Service
Commercial Upholstery Services
Banquette Seating Upholstery
Commercial Upholstery Services