MK Upholstery makes obtaining a quote a straightforward and easy process.

We do, however, have a limited residential upholstery service area.

Please check the map here.

All quotes are strictly by appointment only, either onsite or at our premises. 

To sum up, upholstery is not a process you consider regularly.

There are many different reasons why clients choose to reupholster their furniture. It could be, for instance, a chair you love in which to lounge around.

 It may be tiring or run down and need a facelift. On the other hand, it may hold great sentimental value.

Whatever the reason!

The question is. How much will it cost?

Some clients have already decided to reupholster their furniture while others are determining if it meets their budgets.

For this reason, MK Upholstery now supplies a quote in two stages.

.: Quote 1st Stage

The 1st Stage we call the "Info Email."

Here we ask that you email some photos with your

  *Name and contact details.

 *Location of the furniture.

  *A brief description of any issues you may be encountering with your furniture. 

MK Upholstery will then supply you with an approximate estimate to upholster your furniture. Also, this will account for all the materials, fabric, labor, and in some cases, delivery charges. The emailed reply will provide you with the information you need to consider the next step.

Please send your info email to mat@mkupholstery.com.au

.:  2nd Stage

Next, if you choose to continue after your estimate from the Info email.

We will arrange a day and time for an onsite visit for a free no-obligation measure and quote.

During this visit, we will take the time with you to view fabric samples while answering any questions you may have. At the same time, we will also accurately take measurements for a fabric meterage.

MK Upholstery will then supply you with a written quote, also an approximate commencement and completion date via email.

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Quote - Contact Us