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Medical upholstery and healthcare upholstery is a specialised field from the doctors waiting room to the operating theatre. It requires the correct fabrics and vinyl that are specific to the healthcare industry. Damaged, cracked or torn upholstery covers will become a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms.

MK Upholstery understands how essential health regulations and Government accreditations can be.

 We can advise on the best products for each application from anti-microbial & anti-bacterial vinyl to fire-retardant enduro and memory foams for your facility to meet these standards.
As a result, the fabrics and vinyl used by us are all tested to Australian Standards.
Our medical and healthcare upholstery covers an extensive range of medical equipment and healthcare furniture.

MK Upholstery medical and healthcare upholstery service includes.

Doctors Surgeries and Dental Clinics. Chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage tables.Podiatry and Optometry chairs. Operating Theatress. Princess Chairs and Aged Care chairs, also Reception and Waiting Room furniture.

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.: Princess Chair & Aged Care Upholstery

MK Upholstery also services the Aged Care industry.

We specialise in Aged Care Princess Chair re-upholstery using carrflex extreme and heavy-duty vinyl. With attentionn to the importance of incontinence and pressure care materials.

Princess Chairs are reviewed on an individual basis to determine the condition and repairs required for each chair.

We also pride ourselves on a 24 to 48-hour completion time where possible on Princess Chairs and Air Comfort Chairs for less disruption to the facility, residents and staff.

If you require detailed information for Princess Chair upholstery and repair services, please follow the link below.

.: How much will Medical Upholstery cost?

Many factors will affect this answerr.

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Medical Upholstery - Podiatry Chair
Medical Upholstery - Optometry Chair
Medical Upholstery - Chiropractic Bed
Medical Upholstery - Princess Chair