Residential Upholstery Services


MK Upholstery residential upholstery service has all your furniture covered.

From the bedroom to the outdoor/alfresco living areas.

We will transform your tired old furniture into a modern, stylish and comfortable piece of furniture.

With our extensive knowledge and experience. We can reupholster, repair and also modify your residential furniture to suit your style and budget.

Our residential upholstery service includes. Lounge Suites, Recliner Rockers, Dining Chairs, Sofas & Sofa beds. Bedheads. Antique Restorations. Ottomans/Footstools, Loose Cushions, Barstools and Caravans, to name a few.

MK Upholstery carries a wide selection of residential and commercial fabrics from leading fabric suppliers such as Wortley & Warwicks, all in the latest styles and colours at affordable prices.

Clients are welcome to supply their fabrics. Please be aware MK Upholstery will not cover this by any warranty or guarantee.

.: Residential Upholstery & Furniture Repairs

MK Upholstery will repair your damaged and broken furniture. Structural repairs to steel and timber frames are no problem.

General wear and tear like a soft or sagging seat are generally and usually a simple fix.

 We can replace foam cushions, repair damage caused by pets and resew broken stitching.

The best advice we can give is rather than throwing it out " Check before you chuck ".

You may be surprised at the ease and simplicity of a furniture repair.


.: Is It Worth Doing?

We are asked this question weekly. Due to the influx of imported furniture, reupholstery is no longer a cheaper alternative to renew your furniture.

Reupholstery can still save you up to 25% in some cases. It is challenging to compete with this furniture. However, there are also a few myths and facts to consider.

*Frames -: The foundation of your furniture. The imported furniture frames are better than they originally were. BUT!. They are still not up to a 10-year life span.

If your furniture is older than ten years, then it's already stood the test of time.

*Upholstery Fabric’s -: Fabric is very much the same, most fabrics available to upholsterers are sourced from overseas by fabric companies in Australia.

The choice you gain with reupholstery is a style, colour and usage grade that best suits your requirements.

*Foam -: This is the area where customers also get bitten. As a rule, foam rubber is not cheap.The imported furniture fails on foam quality. Due to a less than adequate grade and density.

Customers are getting mislead. Imported foam in cushions seems only to have a 2-5 year life span. Remember mum & dads couch that lasted 10+ years; this is what you

should be getting. It may feel great in the shop, but will you get the lifespan for the money invested?. My guess is probably not.


.: How much will it cost?

Many factors will affect this answer.

Usually, we cannot tell you over a phone call. It's impossible to give you an accurate estimate.

Please use our “Info Email” option.

  Please attach 2 or 3 photos of your furniture. With your *Name, *Suburb, and *Details or any issues you may also have with your furniture.

The more information you can supply to MK Upholstery will help us in determining an accurate estimate.

  Our email address is on our Contact Page.

*Due to our commercial commitments MK Upholstery only services a limited residential area.

Please check our residential service area map here.


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